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How & Why We Built Tourvix & Launched Catchrain Tours

Just 2 weeks ago I announced Tourvix — a website platform, like Shopify for tour companies, and Catchrain Tours — my group trip company. Now I want to tell you why exactly I started this and how this happened.

Helping Tour Companies Make Grow

I've been a full-time traveler for 2 years, and during this time I worked with hundreds of different tour companies, and all had the same problem — they always had issues with their website, making sales on their website, and the OTA commissions were too high to grow their company. Ready solutions were bad, and custom made solutions meant dependency on mostly unreliable developers.

So I decided to create a platform that is tailored to the needs of tour companies — not only technically, but also in terms of marketing and sales. We built an engine that has such a strong online funnel, that it helps any company make sales.

Doing My Own Group Trips

Meanwhile, I was also approached by many different group trip platforms, offering me to lead my group trips with them. After I explored all the options, I ended up with the following conclusion — none of them were right for me, because all of them had underwhelming itineraries, overpriced yet low-value trips. In the end, I decided to do this on my own, in collaboration with the most genuine travel agency I know — Backpacking Tours.

And that way Catchrain Tours became the first customer of Tourvix — using the elegant online funnel, showcasing the experience of our platform.

Tourvix features

Being a Tourvix customer, you get access to a dashboard, where you see all the necessary data about your tours, bookings, customers and more.

You're able to create and edit tours from the dashboard yourself using this easy-to-use interface, and without being dependent on any developers.

This platform is perfect for tour operators who want a simple solution. We take away all the hassle and headaches you have from dealing with your website, and provide a solution that helps you make more bookings. If you want to learn more about this, write an email to and we'll show you a demo.

The Next Steps

We aspire to help more tour companies grow their business and make more bookings — instead of focusing on sales and marketing, we want to help the tour companies to focus on making the best tours. That way we believe that more people will be able to get incredible experiences and lasting memories during their trips.

If you're a tour operator, I also invite you to check out the Revenue Rocket course — its packed with practical step-by step guides on how to make more sales, different marketing tactics, ad copy templates, email templates and many other things that can help you grow your company.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day,

by Agatha Catchrain


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