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by Agatha Catchrain
Transform your dream life into your real life

turn on sound to learn about the secret recipe

I went from having a bad office job to making 6 figures on my first year of doing this


By using this method,
I got paid to do these things: 

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and you can do this, too.

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Check out results from my students: 

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This is the Master Course

Get Paid to Travel

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It's a step-by-step guide,
packed with practical resources: 

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When you join today,
you'll get access to:

Step by step guide packed
with secrets of the industry 

VALUE: $299


If you feel like you don't know something,

you're right. There are hidden rules of the game

and specific process that you need to know.

Live Q&A calls with me where you
can ask me any question you want 

My winning social media
collab proposal templates

VALUE: $397

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All successful people will tell you the same: the fastest route

to success is learning from someone who has the life that you want. 

Get on these exclusive calls with me to ignite your victory. 

VALUE: $197

These are the templates that changed my collab offer

YES rate from 5% to 40%. Save your time by using

this proven method. 

VALUE: $893


to learn how to get paid to travel

How people rate this course:


Toyosi, UK

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"I just completed the course and I must say, I feel so fulfilled. The course is really deep, I love it. This is absolutely the best course I've taken so far."

John, USA

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"This course is amazing!" 

Yusuf, Ireland

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4.9 (2).png
"I wanted to learn how to grow my personal brand, and I had no idea how social media works, when I got started. After taking this course I grew my accounts, it's incredible." 
  • Do I need any followers to get started?
    No. To get UGC deals, you don't need any followers. You'll need to create a portfolio with some examples of your content, and this course will help you out with that. You'll also find lessons on how to grow your community so that you can get social media collaborations.
  • Will this work in my country?
    While I can't personally guarantee it about every single country, there are people who have succeeded in this, who are from India, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia and more. This is not just for Americans. And I'm not American myself, I'm originally from Latvia.
  • Do I need any special cameras, tech or anything?
    No, you just need your smartphone that can take decent quality photos and videos. Later down the line you might consider getting a microphone ($15+) and a light ($10+) to make better content.
  • Do I need to look a certain way, have perfect accent or personality?
    No, anyone can do this. Average looking people with all kinds of accents are making it big on social media, and there is no one personality that succeeds more. There are tons of awkward introverts who get millions of views.

VALUE: $893


to learn how to get paid to travel

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