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Learn Exactly How Ordinary People Are Getting Paid to Travel

I've started hosting free webinars, to teach you how you can travel the world and become financially free, making money by doing what you love. In these webinars I share behind the scenes experience of how I grew my social media accounts, 

Free webinars by Agatha Catchrain

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Join others into learning how you can live your best life. 

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About the author

My name is Agatha Catchrain

I'm an entrepreneur and an adventurer. I spent 10+ years focused on my career, becoming a high-level corporate executive, yet climbing up the career ladder didn't feel like getting any higher in life. When I quit my job to travel the world, is when my real life started, and down the line I figured out how to start my business, find my perfect man and become healthy. Now I want to share with you the framework, mindset, and lessons that can help you to do the same. 

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Past webinars

These are the webinars we already had: 

How to get started with
getting paid to travel

How to get paid to travel when you're not an influencer

How to turn views into sales

Upcoming webinars

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