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Remote Freelance Jobs

Different jobs in sales and marketing in the travel industry. 

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Work with Agatha Catchrain

I'm so excited about working with you! Just a quick intro: I have 10+ years experience in marketing management in both startups and corporate. I specialize in the travel industry, providing companies with tailored methods perfectly suitable for the travel industry. Because of that I need a variety of people in my team who can provide excellent marketing, sales and other services to our clients. 

More about these remote jobs

Our Roles

Get a remote side hustle working with travel industry. 


Sales Manager

In this role you'll connect with luxury travel clients and offer them additional services like limo rental and more.  


SEO Specialist

You'll need to create SEO plans and manage execution of the SEO strategy to increase organic traffic. 


PPC / Google Ads

You'll need to plan, set up and manage Google Ads for travel companies.  


Social Media 

Manage social media content and posting for travel companies. 


General Assistant

In this role you'll have a variety of tasks, like managing spreadsheet files, communications with different travel platforms, CMS and more. 


Marketing Jobs

Variety of marketing tasks - funnel / CRO, email marketing, general marketing. 

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