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How I Started Traveling

Hello my travel buddy. I'm Agatha Catchrain - a world explorer. My mission is to teach others how they can travel the world as well. I focus on budget travel, solo travel, sharing different destinations, tips on how to make money remotely, and more.

I've spent half of my life working in marketing, all these years I focused on my career. But then on March 2022, when I was on a work trip to Mexico, I fell in love with it, I understood that life's too short, and quit my job while being in Mexico. And started traveling around.

Growing up I always loved movies where the character went on adventures and explored the world. And I saw other kids going on trips with their families, and wished I could have the same. I was very focused on earning enough money so I wouldn't need to feel so powerless as I did growing up. But somehow down the line, I had lost this part of me that believed in something more from life.

For a long time, I was lost, yet I felt something calling me. I wanted to find myself, my inner peace and happiness. The more I thought about it, figured out what I want, made plans and even tiny steps to get closer to what I want... the more I started feeling this peace.For a while things in my life just didn't feel right, and I waited for it to pass. But I see the only way I can achieve this happiness is by taking action. And one huge step for that was finally starting to travel the world solo.I was scared of many things - my safety, getting bored. being alone, not having enough money.

But I figured things down the line, learned more and more about budget travel, and my approach to safety and fun as well. And now I can say it's been the best decision I've ever made.

Because of all the traveling I've done, and trying to figure out down the line how to do it on a budget and solo, there are many lessons that I can share with you. Check out more of my content to learn more about travel and start exploring the world as well.

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