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10 Tips How to Travel Cheap

I strongly believe that travel is a human right, and that anyone should have access to travel and explore the world. Traveling helps you discover yourself, understand different people and cultures better, and grow as a person. Because of that I want to share how other people can travel the world just like I do.

Through my travels I've learned a lot - how to do budget travel, safety tips for solo travel, different fun travel hacks, optimizing ways how plan the perfect trip and more.

I've been sharing lots of content on my Instagram and TikTok about cheap and beautiful destinations you need to visit. However, just a cheap destination doesn't solve it all - knowing how to get cheap flights, hotel deal hacks, cheap good quality meals and more will help you travel the world on a budget and have the best time. Because of that I've created this video with ultimate cheap travel tips.

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I wish you to explore the world soon and have a lovely day.

Best regards, Agatha Catchrain


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