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Effective Marketing
for Hotels

Approach ideally tailored for hotels to get more bookings. 

Why you need this approach 

The elegance of precision 

When it comes to having effective marketing for hotels, precisely targeting your audience at the right moment is crucial. And we specialize in the most effective methods of getting those leads to your doorstep. 

How We Get Leads for You


Google Ads & SEO

We catch your potential audience just when they are looking for hotels like yours - by showing up on Google Search results. 


Social Media

We use the location and interest-specific features on social media to build effective strategy and execution that brings revenue from social media. 


Booking platforms

We create strategy and manage execution of placing your hotels on different booking platforms. Our formulas will improve conversions and results from each of those channels. 

How We Increase Conversions


Funnel Optimization

We optimize your site and user experience which brings higher conversions from traffic to sales. 


Monetization Schemes

Implementing tailored methods suitable for your company, such as cross-sell, up-sell, discount campaigns, batch offers and more.


Social Proof

We maximize different emotional triggers like social proof to increase conversion to sales, such as building strategy and execution for gathering reviews on different channels. 

Pricing Plans


Lite Package

By choosing this package you get a monthly limited time service of 1 channel. 


Basic Package

By choosing this service, you get a monthly limited-time service of 2 channels. 


Premium Package

You'll get a fully tailored approach to your company with a personalized plan and variety of all the channels you wish.

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