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I'm a world explorer on a mission to show people how they can travel the world as well. Ever since I was little, I wanted to explore the world. Yet, for a long time I focused on my career, instead of my dreams. I want to help other people to figure out their dreams as well. Before I started traveling the world solo, I was scared about my safety, getting bored and lonely, not having enough money and more. I learned all those things in the process and now I can share about budget and solo travel the best. I also actively share tips about different destinations, bucket list ideas, how to earn money remotely and more. First things first, check out my videos on Instagram, TikTok and Youtube - I share my travel tips and hacks there as much as I can. Now I've made this website and I'll post more detailed guides here as well, so stay tuned. For more tips, subscribe to my newsletter.


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